Acorn Surface Finishes - Explore The Ravishing World of Style Statement!

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Understanding the world of exemplary style statements is easy with this self-explanatory guide. Acorn, the leading manufacturer of the forged iron hardware products is geared up to add a special essence of the imperial aesthetics. Acorn hardware products and accessories are dressed with perpetual designing sense. Welcome to the amazing world where colors boast about your class and taste!

Example: Acorn ALJBR Cabinet Latch Bar with Knob
(A) Smooth Iron (LJ) Cabinet Latch (B) Black Iron (R) Polybagged Set

Acorn numbers explanation

Acorn manufacturingAcorn is the largest manufacturer of diverse architectural hardware products. Acorn offers the highest quality products with superb courteous customer service. Acorn offers the timely delivery every time ensuring the completion of the project in a timely manner. Acorn is a proud American manufacturer with a superb product line on the showcase. Almost over 85% of the products are made in the United States, right here in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Acorn imports some parts like screws and some specialty items. The most intricate items like rim-latches, working hinges, and locksets are made in-house to deliver robust, reliable, and performing products. We care for your desire to buy genuine American products and shall continue to make them here in America. 

Finishes :

Acorn hardware products are available in over six finishes including black. Acorn processes the black and russet finish in-house. These finishes are processed with vinyl lacquer. Acorn ships these products within a week. Acorn also offers a lifetime warranty on these products even for the outdoor use. Other surface finishes are processed outside the Acorn manufacturing facilities. These products do not attract warranty for outdoor use. These products are designed only for the indoor use. These products are warranted against indoor use only. We need around six to eight weeks to fill the order of the products in this category. Acorn also offers the lifetime warranty for replacement of the product and does not cover the labor and any other incidental and consequential expenses and charges incurred during the replacement process. 

Acorn hardware finish

Acorn Iron hardware is an Early American Style. The flat black appearance stimulates the original forged hardware to offer the original sanctity. Acorn also offers the weathering pattern caused due to aging in these products. You will find these patterns similar to the rough and uneven surface of European cathedrals and castles.

Acorn offers a lifetime replacement warranty on its products. The lifetime warranty is for replacement only and does not include labor or consequential damages. Black and russet finishes are warranted for outside use all others are for interior use only.

Note : Finishes apart from Russet and Black are treated as "Special Finish". We need a period of 8 to 10 weeks to fill the order on special finish. N-Russet 10% above the Black finish. Natural is only available on Iron Art only. All other finishes are 75% above the Black for door and bath accessories OR 100% above the Black on all cabinet hardware.

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