Hafele America Co. is a manufacturer of high quality architectural hardware. With its global footprints, Hafele is a worldwide product and has presence in many countries across the globe. Hafele offers a complete range of products from access control systems to furniture and fixtures. Hafele knows how to deliver the correct products to the architectural industry. The excellence in the manufacturing is delivered right onto your doorsteps with our mechanism. With Hafele’s acute focus on knowing customer demands, they always ensure to satisfy all their customers with world class products and a perfect customer service. Our collection of Hafele products is filled with all that you may ever need during the completion of your project. From screws to state of the art access control system, our collection is capable of fulfilling every single need. The best of hardware industry is available right here with us. It may become an enticing task for you to select from the widest range of products and finishes that suit your lifestyle. With over two thousand and seven hundred products in a platter, we are ready to serve a memorable experience with the touch of style. Enjoying the exclusive Hafele series of products is easy, all you need is a few clicks of a mouse, and we will make sure to deliver these products right on your doorstep.

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111.95.230 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU POL CHROME 3, Elite Collection, polished chrome, (3") 76 mm
111.95.231 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU POL CHROME 18.5, Elite Collection, polished chrome, (18.5") 470 mm
111.95.232 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU POL CHROME 24.5, Elite Collection, polished chrome, (24.5") 622 mm
111.95.233 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU POL CHROME 30.5, Elite Collection, polished chrome, (30.5") 775 mm
111.95.234 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU POL CHROME 36.5, Elite Collection, polished chrome, (36.5") 927 mm
111.95.241 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU POL CHROME 9, Elite Collection, polished chrome, (9") 228.6 mm
111.95.242 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU MATT 9, Elite Collection, matt aluminum, (9") 228.6 mm
111.95.243 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU DORB 108AL65 9, Elite Collection, dark oil-rubbed bronze, (9") 228.6 mm
111.95.244 HANDLE TAB ELITE ALU MATTE GOLD 9, Elite Collection, matt gold, (9") 228.6 mm
104.35.310 HANDLE ZINC BLK NI 131ZN50 M4 CTC 128MM, Black nickel
104.35.600 HANDLE ZINC MATT NI 103ZN50 M4 CTC128MM, Matt nickel
110.93.161 HDL KEYSTONE ZN ORB 8-32 CTC 96MM, Keystone Collection, oil-rubbed bronze
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