Hafele Flush Pull Handles

Posted by FH on 8/14/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele Flush Pull Handles

Hafele provides many gateways for excellent control of everyday tasking with its plethora of products. Selecting a Hafele product is always enticing as it adds lasting impression of the perfectionist art at your service. Hafele intuitively provides thoughtfully designed products with the due consideration of the end user needs. In fact, every Hafele hardware product expresses topnotch fidelity and excellent usability. Therefore, if you are into planning of a new project or even remodeling, give a try to Hafele and enjoy lifelong performance. Entail the excellence and attain complete control only with Hafele and its exciting products.

Hafele offers a superb product line featuring flush pull handles. All the varieties available here are designed to add flair to the way you handle doors. Flush fitting of these handles offers low profile and a seamless integration. Hafele provides these pull handles in many exciting varieties and help you enjoy the freedom from mundane patterns and styles. In fact, Hafele makes the use of these pull handles more intuitive by offering numerous finishes. Therefore, there always is a right fit for your project specific requirements when you use Hafele. The world-class product line comes with natural elegance and a designer appeal.

Hafele 901.00.301 Flush Pull

Hafele 901.00.301 Flush Pull Brass Polished

Hafele 901.00.301 Flush Pull is a premier product designed to add flair to the sliding door systems. Flush installation of the pull handle is further supported with screw mounting for a firm fit. Hafele offers the pull with exclusive brass polished finish to make it a remarkable addition. The pull offers an exclusive means for superb door handling. Hafele offers the pull in 120mm x 40mm size.

Hafele 910.37.062 Flush Pull

Hafele 910.37.062 Flush Pull Nickel-Plated

Hafele 910.37.062 Flush Pull has a sensual appeal of the perfect designing. The pull performs in application-oriented manner and your satisfaction is a guarantee when this exclusive pull is in action. Intuitive and firm fitting of these pull is also a low profile and it offers an un-obstructive means for superior handling of doors. The pull is supplied in nickel-plated finish and it has 114mm x 64mm size.

Hafele 901.01.301 Flush Pull

Hafele 901.01.301 Flush Pull Brass Polished

Hafele 901.01.301 Flush Pull offers a representation of the timeless styling with its elongated round design. The pull comes with four pre-drilled mounting holes for a firm fit. Hafele offers the pull in 120mm x 40mm size. The brass polished finish of the pull makes it very suitable for a variety of décor themes. Hafele presents a premium product to answer door-handling needs in a perfect manner.

Hafele 911.26.137 Flush Pull

Hafele 911.26.137 Flush Pull Nickel Matt

Hafele 911.26.137 Flush Pull is offered with due consideration of the end user requirements. The pull has enticing Nickel matt finish and it fits in virtually every type of décor theme with its versatility. Hafele offers the pull with a thumb turn mechanism and pre-drilled holes for adding exceptional user control. Using Hafele products and solutions adds flair to build projects and its components.

Hafele 911.26.153 Flush Pull

Hafele 911.26.153 Flush Pull Brass Polished

Hafele 911.26.153 Flush Pull is described as plain simple yet exquisite. The minimalist designing yet the flair of sensual designing makes the pull an asset to your sliding door system. Hafele offers this exclusive product with simple to fit mechanism for assured performance and longevity. The pull is provided in brass polished finish. This exclusive Hafele product comes in 46mm x 116mm size.

Hafele 910.60.106 Flush Ring Handle

Hafele 910.60.106 Flush Ring Handle Nickel-Plated

Hafele 910.60.106 Flush Ring Handle provides a unique means for superior control of sliding door handling. This round nickel-plated handle has a ring for excellent user control. Hafele presents the handle with flush mounting system supported by screw mounting. This Hafele product adds a timeless appeal to the sliding door with its 100mm x 100mm size and the elegance beyond the imagination.

Hafele, the pre-eminent industry leader offers a superb avenue to improve door handling to its best. Finest imprints of lasting performance with Hafele products are always rewarding and it offers an overall functional and aesthetic upgrade. Hafele is just another name for perfection at your service. Enjoying the fidelity is a click away, are you ready to handle the shift?

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