John Wright 88-321 & 88-323 Clark's Tip Shutter Hinges Installation

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John Wright 88-321 & 88-323 Clark's Tip Shutter Hinges Installation Instruction

Clark's Tip Shutter Hinges 88-321 and 88-323 are surface-mounted traditional shutter hinges that provide greater mounting options. John Wright combines modem high-quality finishes with the strength and traditional look and feel of cast iron. Clark’s Tip Shutter Hinges are surface-mounted onto the face of the shutter and window trim or house wall. They use a once-patented design that helps to lock the hinge in the open position. The shutter is lifted up slightly to disengage the hinge and allow closure. The shutter can also be removed completely without tools. Clark's hinges work in left- and right-handed pairs and are so marked. Each hinge has two halves: one with a pintle and another with a gudgeon. The pintle half is mounted to the window with the pintle pointing up. Offset is measured from the shutter face to the center of the pin. 

John Wright Shutter Hinge
  • These shutter hinges are sold in sets of 2 left- and 2 right-hand hinges. A typical pair of shutters will require 1 set. Large, heavy, or tall shutters may require more than 2 hinges per shutter. Set also includes 2 shutter fasteners for holding shutters closed. 
  • No. 9 1-1/4" black zinc screws are recommended for mounting Weather Wright (PC) items. Screws are not included but available for purchase separately.
  • The shutters are available in 2 sizes: 88-321 provides 1-1/4" of throw, while 88-323 provides 3-1/4" of throw.
  • Material used for these shutter is cast iron.
  • The finishing is done with raw cast iron or Weather Wright™ coating process. This multi-step coating provides long life in outdoor environments while offering excellent value. It includes both zinc electroplating and black-matte TGIC powder coating. Zinc plating provides far more protection than powder coating alone. The zinc layer is not only abrasion resistant but offers cathodic protection to small areas of powder coating that may be accidentally damaged during installation. These are tested to withstand a minimum of 144 hours of salt spray with no visible red-rust corrosion. All fasteners and hardware meet this same standard.
  • One year warranty is provided for this Shutter hinges with replacement.  
Clark's Tip Shutter Hinges 88-321


  • The selection of the proper size of Clark's hinge will depend on amount of throw that you need and the size of the shutters. If needed, please see our catalog for a detailed discussion of throw concepts.
  • Clark's hinges are left and right-handed and both halves are marked with an "L" or "R." The marks refer to a frame of reference from inside the window and will be reversed if looking at the window from the outside.
  • The pintle half of the hinge mounts to the window trim (casing) with the pintle (pin) pointing up. You may also mount the hinge on brick or other masonry if proper anchors (not supplied) are used.
  • Two hinges are typically used per shutter. For very large or heavy shutters, more than 2 hinges may be required. Hinges are usually mounted about 6 inches from the top and bottom of the shutter.
  • Place the pintle half of the hinge at the desired location and mark and drill pilot holes for the screws. Install Using #9 screws.
  • Slide the other half of the hinge down onto the pintle. Hold the shutter up in the closed position in the window so that it is flush with the casing. A helper is useful. Mark the locations of the screw holes on the shutter. Remove the hinge half, drill pilot ho les, and screw it to the shutter.
  • Repeat this procedure for the other hinge(s) on the shutter. Make sure the spacing of the hinges from the top and bottom of the shutter is consistent throughout your project.
  • Install the shutters by lifting them onto the hinges and check the operation.
  • Install the shutter fasteners per their separate instructions.

Contents & Dimensions

The contents of the Clark's Tip Shutter Hinges are
  • (2) right-handed hinges (2 halves for each hinge),
  • (2) left-hand hinges (2 halves for each hinge)
  • (2) shutter fasteners (with separate instructions).

The approximate dimensions has been shown in the below figure.

John Wright Tip Shutter Hinges

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