John Wright 88-467 Jamb Pintle Installation

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John Wright 88-467 Jamb Pintle ( 88-467L & 88-467R) Installation Instruction

John Wright Jamb Pintle 88-467L(eft), 88-467R(ight) are tradition and flexible mounting option for shutter hinges. John Wright combines modem high-quality finishes with the strength and traditional look and feel of cast iron. Jamb pintles expand the mounting possibilities of shutter hinges. They can be surface-mounted or mortised on wood side jambs of windows or surface mounted on a masonry opening. Jamb pintles work with John Wright's New York Style, Mid-Range, and Mini Strap hinges.

John Wright 88-467 Jamb Pintle
  • The Jamb Pintles are sold in pairs (2 left- or 2 right-handed) and include screws and plastic anchors for mounting on wood or masonry. A typical window with 2 shutters with 2 hinges each will require (1) 88-467L and (1) 88-467R.
  • The materials used to produce this pintle are cast iron which is 1/4" thick, with steel screws.
  • This pintle provides 1-1/2 inches of offset (throw will depend on the hinge used).
  • The finishing is done through Weather Wright coating process. This multi-step coating provides long life in outdoor environments while offering excellent value. It includes both zinc electroplating and black-matte TGIC powder coating. Zinc plating provides far more protection than powder coating alone. The zinc layer is not only abrasion resistant but offers cathodic protection to small areas of powder coating that may be accidentally damaged during installation. The pintles are tested to withstand a minimum of 144 hours of salt spray with no visible red-rust corrosion. All fasteners and hardware meet this same standard.
  • John Wright Company provides 1 year replacement warranty for this type of pintle.


  • For an overview and introduction to shutter hinges and offset concepts, please see John Wright's publication entitled "Shutter Hardware Installation Details." For the purposes of these instructions, it is assumed that you selected hinges with an acceptable offset.
  • At first temporarily place the shutter in the window using blocks, wedges, or shims or have a helper hold it in place. Check to make sure the pintles can be mounted on the side jamb, masonry opening, or similar surface of adequate strength. Make sure to use the correct handed pintle: the pin must face up and be further from the window than the screws. Avoid the edges of masonry surfaces if possible because cracking can occur. On wood, the pintles can be surface-mounted or mortised. Mortising is more traditional and provides additional strength. Take the shutter down and lay it on a flat surface with the outside facing up.
  • Now mount the hinges on the shutter. Consult the instructions for the hinges as required.
  • Mount the pintles so that they precisely line up with the hinges. You can either measure the locations of the hinges and transfer those measurements to the window or temporarily tape the pintles into the hinge and then position the shutter and mark the locations of the screw holes.
  • In case of installing the screws in wood, drill 1/8" pilot holes at the locations you marked and install the screws. If using the plastic masonry anchors, drill 1/4" holes to a depth of 1-1/2" with a masonry bit and tap the anchors into place. When both pintles are installed, lift the shutter into place so that both hinges engage the pintles and slide it down. This should be done with the shutter in the open or semi-open position and not closed.
  • Finally test operation of the hinge and repeat the process for all remaining shutters.

Contents & Dimensions

The contents of Jamb Pintle are
  • (2) hinges (left- or right-handed),
  • (6) No. 10 by 1.5" long Phillips-head screws and (6) plastic anchors.

The dimensions of Jamb Pintle have shown in the following figure.

John Wright 88-467 Jamb Pintle

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