John Wright 88-504 Door Top Bolt Art Deco Installation

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John Wright 88-504 Art Deco Door Top Bolt Installation Instruction

John Wright 88-504 Door Top Bolt is used for a traditional and decorative way to secure the stationary half of a double door a/tile top. John Wright combines modem high-quality finishes with the strength and traditional look and feel of cast iron. Door top bolts secure a door at the top using a spring-loaded bolt and a chain release.

  • These bolts are sold individually and include screws for mounting.
  • Material used for this bolts are cast iron with steel back plate, chain, spring, and screws.
  • 24" chain with 1" pull ring hangs down and is used to release the bolt.
  • The finishing is done with Black-matte TGIC powder coating. Screws are black-zinc plated.
  • The John Wright Company provides 1 year replacement warranty for Art Deco 88-504.
John Wright 88-504 Door Top Bolt


  • The door top bolt is typically used to secure the stationary door in a pair of double doors. The bolt installs at the top corner of the door opposite the hinge side. It must be installed on the side of the door that swings in. The catch installs just above the bolt on the door frame. Door molding must generally be notched to accommodate the catch.
  • At first place the bolt on the door and mark the locations of the screw holes. Make sure your location allows the catch to be mounted securely. You may need to remove the top molding around the door. Drill 3/32" pilot holes at the locations you marked and install the screws to secure the bolt in place.
  • Now place the catch so that it engages the bolt, remove and notch molding as required and mark the holes. Drill 3/32" pi lot holes at the locations you marked and install the screws to secure the catch in place. Screws should be installed into solid wood.
  • Then attach the chain to the bolt ring and squeeze the S-hook closed with pliers. Finally test the operation of the door and bolt.


The contents of Art Deco bolts are
  • (1) slide bolt,
  • (1) catch,
  • (1) chain with ring
  • (8) No. 8 by 1 inch long screws.

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