John Wright 88-509 Farm House Bolt Installation

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John Wright 88-509 Farm House Bolt Installation Instruction

Farm House Bolt 88-509 Slides bolts like Farm House Bolt 88-509 are a traditional way to hold shutters closed. John Wright combines modem high-quality finishes with the strength and traditional look and feel of cast iron. Slide bolts are mounted on the inside of the shutters and positioned to be reached from inside the home through the window opening. They have two halves: the bolt and the catch. The bolt mounts to one shutter and the catch mounts to the other. The bolt engages the catch, locking the shutters closed and together.

Farm house bolt
Farm house bolt
  • The farm house bolts are sold individually and includes screws for mounting.
  • It also includes anti-rattle springs for reduced noise in windy conditions.
  • Sliding bolt is easily field-removable to allow painting of custom colors.
  • Material used for these bolts are cast iron with steel screws.
  • The finishing is done through Weather Wright? coating process. This multi-step coating provides long lire in outdoor environments while offering excellent value. it includes both zinc electroplating and black-matte TGIC powder coating. Zinc plating provides far more protection than powder coating alone. The zinc layer is not only abrasion resistant but offers cathodic protection to small areas of powder coating that may be accidentally damaged during installation. The bolts are tested to withstand a minimum of 144 hours of salt spray with no visible red-rust corrosion. All fasteners and hardware meet this same standard.
  • One year replacement warranty is applicable for this product.

Farm house bolt


  • At first close both shutters. Secure them closed with tape, a wood block, or have a helper to hold them.
  • From inside, open the window and position the bolt on one shutter and the catch on the other shutter, with the slide bolt engaging the catch. The edges of the bolt or catch should not stick out past the edge of the shutters. The slide assembly should be readily accessible from inside but also as close to the vertical middle of the shutter as possible. Make sure the slide is level and that both sides are exactly aligned. Failure to do so may cause binding. Mark the locations of the screw holes. Do not install screws yet. Note that the slide can be installed before the shutters are hung or the shutters can also be removed for installation.
  • Now install the anti-rattle springs at the locations shown and with the rounded part of the spring facing up. Drill 1/ 16" pilot holes and install the screws.
  • Drill 1/16" pilot holes at the locations you marked for the bolt and catch. Place the bolt and catch over the springs and screw them to the shutters. Finally test the operation.

Contents & Dimensions

The contents of the Farm House Bolt are
  • (1) bolt half (bolt and holder),
  • (1) catch half,
  • (2) anti-rattle springs and No. 6 by 1" long Phillips-head screws.

The dimensions have show in the below figure.

Farm house bolt

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