John Wright Magnetic Shutter Dog Holder Installation

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Installation Instructions for John Wright Magnetic Shutter Dog Holder 88-439 

The contents of Magnetic Shutter Dog Holder 88-439 are:
  • (2) stops
  • (2) magnets
  • (2) screws
  • (1) washer

John Wright 88-439
John Wright 88-439

  1. For the installation purpose, at first place the shutter dog in the orientation that you would like it to be held.
  2. Mark each side of the dog on the shutter in the area approximately indicated by the arrow on Figure 1. Figure 2 shows you where to mark.
  3. Rotate the dog out of the way and use the marks you just made to find the center of dog in this area Mark this point. See the black dot at the bottom of Figure 2.
  4. Test fit the magnetic holder by placing the screw hole in the stop directly over the center mark that you made. Position the tab to the outside of the dog. Using tape to temporarily hold the stop in place is helpful. Make sure the dog comes to rest in the proper place when it touches the tab of the stop. If not, move or rotate the stop and remark the new position of the screw hole if needed. Figure 3 shows a top view of the stop in position.
  5. Now drill a 1/2-inch diameter hole into the shutter at your center mark. Drill no deeper than 1/8 inch. Be careful, DO NOT DRILL TOO DEEPLY. A Forstner or spade bit is preferred. Then test fit the holder by placing the stop into the hole and then place the magnet on top. The top of the magnet should be level or very slightly above the face of the shutter. If you drill too deeply, use the supplied washer in the bottom of the hole. If you do not need the washer, you may discard it. Figure 4 shows a side view.
  6. When properly fitted, install the screw through the magnet and stop and into the shutter.
  7. You should note that, this product is designed to work with iron or steel dogs only. It will not work with aluminum, stainless steel, or other non-ferrous materials.
John Wright 88-439

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