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We often get frustrated with products with lesser life and frequent maintenance and repairs. However, Snug Cottage Hardware has an answer to all your concerns and has a solid UK based product line to serve you with highly reliable series that has literally fit it and forget it products. Once installed, these tough and highly durable products do not need frequent maintenance nor they stop performing for years. The Snug Cottage style of enhanced productivity is almost unimaginable for those who have been using flimsy products throughout their life span. The exclusive series of exterior hardware is here with us to change your perception of durability. With over three hundred Snug Cottage products, our catalogs are rich to fulfill your demands for reliable exterior hardware. Every single care is taken to offer rust-free properties to all Snug Cottage products. They know the impact of climate and season and make their products sustain all dynamic climatic conditions. Additionally, all Snug Cottage exterior hardware products add a special touch of exquisite décor to your home. The product finish and looks are well beyond the normal imagination. Come join our hands for a new revealing experience of using the aesthetic and rugged hardware products.

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Heavy Cranked Strap 18" Hinge Set - HDG
Cambridge - Oak Latch with Leather Pull String
White LokkLatch Deluxe with EAK
Black LokkLatch Deluxe with EAK
Black Top Pull MagnaLatch
White Top Pull MagnaLatch
Oxford - Oak Latch with thru Wooden Lever
Cranked Strap 36" Hinge Pair with 3/4" Eye - BPPCG
Cranked Strap 36" Hinge Pair with 3/4" Eye - HDG
Cranked Strap 24" Hinge Pair with 3/4" Eye - BPPCG
Cranked Strap 24" Hinge Pair with 3/4" Eye - HDG
Cranked Strap Hinge Pair 18" with 3/4" Eye - BPPCG
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