Grohe Showers

Posted by FH on 2/28/2014 to Finest Hardware
Grohe AG has a century old tradition of delivering classic products to improve showering and bathing experience. Grohe began as factory manufacturing ferric hardware in 1911 and since then until 1990, it was a family owned business. In the year 19336, Friedrich Grohe shouldered the responsibility and redefined the whole perspective. Grohe is a global leader and solution provider with deep integrity in providing solutions for bathing and showering.

Duravit Exclusive Washroom Accessories

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Duravit AG offers a new dimension to the plumbing and sanitation industry with its presentation of the state of the art products and accessories. Duravit products make your home adorable and better in every respect. A bathroom with Duravit in it is an intimate personal space where enjoying personal moments and relaxation is assured. Since its inception in 1817, Duravit has been engaged in delivering outstanding solutions to meet a wide array of requirements.

IDH Cabinet Hinge

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IDH by St. Simons is an eminent manufacturer of designer architectural hardware products. These products are designed to improve the aesthetics and performance to a great extent. IDH offers a wide product range to meet each and every requirement of finest hardware products and solutions. IDH has a presence in every corner of the home, from kitchen to bathroom and it offers a unique appeal throughout the home.

Snug Cottage Hinge

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Snug Cottage is a leading distributor of UK based exterior use hardware products. Snug Cottage products are available with a classic tough of ruggedness and visual appeal. Therefore, buying and using these genuine products is a lifelong solution. These superb products are designed for use in all types of climatic conditions and therefore, you always get an upper hand as a buyer when the quality, performance, and reliability are in question.

JVJ Liberty Washroom Accessories

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Finding right type of products is a key to astonishing architectural projects and JVJ Hardware offers handsome contribution in the creation of ravishingly attractive projects. JVJ offers a wide array of products comprising of cabinet hardware, bath accessories, door hardware, and many specialty accessories to meet individual as well as commercial scale requirements. Choosing JVJ hardware products and washroom accessories is intuitive as each of these products is available in vivid designs and attractive appeal.

Jado Faucets and Shower Accessories

Posted by FH on 2/21/2014 to Finest Hardware
Jado is a subsidiary of American Standard Brands and it offers unleashing experience of redefining essential elements. Exploring the potential with Jado is exciting as you get topnotch products with premium designing. Jado understands your world and it offers a revitalizing experience when you use your washroom. Jado offers strikingly appealing product line featuring Classic, Glance, Hatteras, Pyke, Savina, and Stoic series to reveal the inner beauty.

Amerock Decorative Hinge

Posted by FH on 2/20/2014 to Finest Hardware
Amerock Corporation is a leading manufacturer of state of the art architectural products with a designer appeal. Various Amerock products are calibrated to perform beyond the user expectations and deliver outperforming values of perfection and satisfaction. Amerock uses brass, zinc die cast, and of course stainless steel to make these products durable and very dependable. Therefore, when you pick any of the Amerock products from the extensive collection of over one thousand and eight hundred products, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Deltana Bell Buttons

Posted by FH on 2/19/2014 to Finest Hardware
Deltana offers a premier avenue to improve the functional and aesthetic values of an architectural project with its availability of thousands of genuine products. These easy to fit and use products are designed with a fine collaboration of technology and superior designing. Therefore, each product manufactured by Deltana meets highest standards of quality and performance. Choosing Deltana products is always intuitive as each product offers complete peace of the mind.

Acorn Full Mortise Full Surface Hinge

Posted by FH on 2/18/2014 to Finest Hardware
Acorn Manufacturing Company is a name associated with the delivery of finest forged iron products. Acorn has a ravishing presence for more than seventy years and every day it has been engaged in delivering seamless products and solutions to meet various requirements of the architectural industry. Acorn offers thousands of products featuring door pulls, hooks, coat hangers, hinges, bathroom accessories, and many more to make architectural projects gorgeous and delivering.

Grohe Lavatory Mounted Soap Dispensers

Posted by FH on 2/17/2014 to Finest Hardware
Grohe AGGrohe AG began with its US operations with a very small office outside Chicago. A year later, it restructured as Grohe America Inc. and further started operating from Bloomingdale. Grohe is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of washroom and kitchen accessories to suit various lifestyle needs. Grohe, the vision of Friedrich Grohe in 1936 has grown to be a massive success capable of transforming lives and lifestyles.

Grohe Digital Faucets

Posted by FH on 2/14/2014 to Finest Hardware
Grohe AG., the largest European manufacturer of plumbing and sanitation accessories along with kitchen faucets has headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. Grohe has a worldwide presence and provides its topnotch products across the globe. Grohe has six production facilities for seamless delivery of flawless products. Since 1911 up to 1990, Grohe has been a family owned business and later it was restructured as a public limited company.

Houzer Cutting Boards

Posted by FH on 2/13/2014 to Finest Hardware
Houzer Inc. is a leading manufacturer of sinks suitable for kitchens, baths, and bars. These Houzer products are suitable to redefine kitchens to its best. Simple installation and attractive design of Houzer products make them ideal for new projects as well as remodeling assignments. Houzer has a capacity to create a new paradigm of perfection in your home with these gorgeous products. 

Duravit Toilets

Posted by FH on 2/12/2014 to Finest Hardware
Duravit AG, the German name has something more to offer than mere plumbing and sanitation products. Since its beginning in 1817, it has been delivering outstanding solutions to the industry. Fine perceptions of elegance and performance are redefined with Duravit, as each product is a sophisticated masterpiece. Products like Washbasins, Toilets, Bidets, Tubs, Showers, Bathroom Furniture, Sauna, Pools, Kitchen sinks, Shower, toilet seats, and Accessories along with fourteen product categories and thirty-nine product series offer a stupendous chance to live your dream in the reality.

Amerock Designer Robe Hooks

Posted by FH on 2/11/2014 to Finest Hardware
Amerock Corporation is a name associated with proficiency and user-friendliness of an architectural project. Amerock has a seamless presence in the industry with its presentation of decorative and functional products along with premium bath accessories. Amerock Corporation is a division of Newell Rubbermaid Inc. Choosing Amerock products for architectural projects has long-term values of precision and perfection in every sense.

Jado Washroom Accessories

Posted by FH on 2/10/2014 to Finest Hardware
Jado, an eminent division of American Standard Brands has a uniqueness of concept and designing and it reflects through each of the products it offers. Jado offers a wide array of faucets and allied products suitable for washrooms, kitchens, and bars. Exclusive products by Jado are capable to offer to reinvent conventional perceptions of a washroom or a kitchen and make it imperial far beyond the imagination. Jado products are available in numerous configurations, designs, and colors to match every environment seamlessly. 

Hafele Safety Glsasses

Posted by FH on 2/7/2014 to Finest Hardware
Completion of architectural projects involves several processes with potential hazards. Hafele offers a superb product line with multifaceted products to create safe working environments. These Hafele products are designed with complete understanding of several user requirements and therefore, these products become apt to provide adequate protection. These products are also available for selection on the application specific aspects. Hafele ensures a seamless integration of these products, assuring the complete usability and enhanced user satisfaction on every level.

Hafele Safetywear

Posted by FH on 2/6/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele America Co. is committed to provide a safe working environment for professionals from architectural industry. Thoughtful design of many of Hafele products under the Tools collections offers a breakthrough by their highest performance and durability. Hafele understands your core requirements and it has a seamless solution to improve usability, simplify chores, and to offer a healthier environment full of efficiency. Choosing these Hafele super-solutions is always exciting as the user receives cutting edge technology benefits without the need for frequent replacements.

Hafele Specialty Tools and Accessories

Posted by FH on 2/5/2014 to Finest Hardware
Every profession has particular requirements of tools and leading industry distributor Hafele has the precision understanding of these essentials. Hafele offers a premium option to simplify various processes by offering complete solutions. Hafele products become a seamless solution to improve the agility of the process in a multifaceted manner. Hafele has the keen understanding of actual requirements and therefore, each finely designed Hafele tool offers precision control on the process.

Hafele Clamps

Posted by FH on 2/4/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele America Co., the global leader, manufacturer, and distributor of the finest architectural hardware and allied products has a keen understanding of the on-site user requirements. The wide array of superb Hafele products has numerous solutions to resolve on-site concerns with a broader perspective. Hafele offers to channelize on-site installations in a seamless manner with its products and solutions. These products are intuitively designed to simplify Herculean installation process whilst delivering the complete peace of the mind out of accuracy and perfection.

Hafele Abrasive Discs

Posted by FH on 2/3/2014 to Finest Hardware
Making gorgeous architectural projects is possible with the appropriate integration of genuine products by Hafele America Co. The unanimous industry leader has a dominant presence with its strategic manufacturing and distribution facilities. Hafele offers a complete change of the perceptions with its fine derivatives. In fact, Hafele offers premier avenues to improve functional proximity with its participation in the installation process necessary for completion of architectural projects.

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