Hafele Select HD LED

Posted by FH on 7/31/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele presents “Select” a premier collection of cool white and warm white LED lighting system to add an accent to your cabinets and furniture. All these LED lighting system products come with simple yet innovative installation and a scalable compatibility with dimmers and other electrical controlling devices. Hafele is another name of perfection at your service.

Hafele Leather Pulls

Posted by FH on 7/30/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele presents a premier avenue to add a new edge styling to cabinets and drawers with its grandiose collection of leather pulls. These pulls define the distinctiveness of your cabinets making them a bold expression of your taste for the best. The first class Hafele product line comes with elegance and designing excellence to satisfy all the essentials subtly.

Hafele Continuous Wood Handles

Posted by FH on 7/29/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele opens a broad spectrum of adding flair to build projects with its continuous wood handles. These finely crafted products come with elegance of the splendid designing and its natural wood grain finish add spectacular appeal along with its sizeable length. Hafele provides matchless products with exceptional performance to meet your expectations fully.

Hafele Luminoso LED

Posted by FH on 7/28/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele Luminoso LED lights come bundled with excellent light output and maximized savings. In fact, the sensual designer appeal of these lights makes them a value addition to your home or office. Hafele offers a gateway to a better future for everyone. Come, let us explore the best of the future; right here right now.

Hafele SmartCab Kitchen Cutting Boards

Posted by FH on 7/25/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele offers a premier collection of cutting boards designed to add flair to the kitchen use. Apart from the exceptional longevity and performance, these boards come with intuitive storage and thus, you get the most innovative experience of using a nifty kitchen. Adding Hafele products to your kitchen is always proactive and it makes you a proud owner of sophisticated kitchen.

Hafele Designer Glass Door Handles

Posted by FH on 7/24/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele offers a premium collection of high quality glass door hardware to make your glass doors a fashion statement in the real time. These handles are designed to perfection of the form and the function and rest assured, you will feel proud of your decision to integrate Hafele in your architecture.

Hafele Kitchen Organization Solutions

Posted by FH on 7/23/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele improves lifestyle accents to its best by providing seamless space management and optimization solutions. Improving lifestyle to a clutter-free living is amazingly interesting with Hafele and its organic product line. Products like pull out baskets, double cutlery drawer systems, and multimedia rails become an inevitable part of your life and choose Hafele for a complete transformation you deserve.

Hafele Kitchen Mats

Posted by FH on 7/22/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele America Co. is a name associated with the finest distribution of architectural hardware and a plethora of products counting to over 100,000. The expertise of over nine decades makes Hafele deliver mature solutions and it in fact makes it the most resilient manufacturer and distributor. Hafele is proactive in providing seamless solutions to simplify daily chores to a great extent and improve overall control.

Acorn Forged Iron Door Knockers

Posted by FH on 7/21/2014 to Finest Hardware
Acorn Manufacturing Company is a name associated with the premier grade forged iron hardware and products designed to serve you for generations and not mere few years. Acorn offers a unique scope to add subtle beauty of iron into highly aesthetic and functional products. In fact, adding Acorn products to your home turns it into noticeable due to the functional and aesthetic upgrade.

Hafele Furniture Bolts

Posted by FH on 7/18/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele, the manufacturer with an immense variety of sustainable and decorative hardware products provides seamless avenues to channelize the functional control of several aspects of architectural projects. Thoughtfully designed Hafele products become a seamless avenue to enjoy more productivity and performance beyond expectations.

Hafele Central Locking System and Accessories

Posted by FH on 7/17/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele offers a premier avenue to enjoy the best of the security and access control through its amazing product line featuring Central Locking System and Accessories. These first class products offer a chance to upscale the fidelity of the environment at its best. Choose Hafele when security and access control is paradigm.

Hafele Electromagnetic Door Holders & Releases

Posted by FH on 7/16/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele presents a featured collection of electromagnetic door holders to add subtle style and functional control of every aspect you seek for doors. These simple to fit and use products come with exceptional design and offer a lifelong solution. Choose a Hafele product when handling the demands of a build project is tough for you.

Hafele Deadbolt Locks and Accessories

Posted by FH on 7/15/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele offers a premier collection of deadbolt locks and allied accessories to improve the fine grain control of safety and security. These Hafele products are designed for hassle-free installation in a broad spectrum of application-based requirements. Choosing Hafele equals to pick the best the industry has to offer.

Hafele Dialock Levers

Posted by FH on 7/14/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele presents a unique collection of the classic Dialock Levers to add flair to door handling. These attractive levers are the purest form of the integration of functional appeal along with the designer styling. Clean design of these levers adds lasting sophistication and ensures that you enjoy the fidelity forever.

Hafele High Security Locks and Replacement Keys

Posted by FH on 7/11/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele provides a unique avenue for seamless access control with its high security locks and replacement keys. All the products are well designed to address the core issue of access control and make it easy for you and very robust for tampering attempts. Hafele assists you to define and secure your perimeter just the way you like it.

Liberty Bronze Door Knobs

Posted by FH on 7/10/2014 to Finest Hardware
The featured collection of Liberty Bronze Door Knobs for cabinets has an immense capacity to add flair to cabinets. These designer knobs are dressed to thrill your senses and assist you in enjoying the best of the fidelity ever. The first class Liberty Hardware product line is a click away, are you ready for the shift now?

Hafele Decorative Onlays

Posted by FH on 7/9/2014 to Finest Hardware
Hafele onlays are made from the finest wood and these are available with hand and machine carving and finishing. Vivid designs, finishes, and simple fitting of these onlays ensure that you always get a right fit to make your build project look gorgeous and receive appreciation in the real time.

Whitehall Designer Garden Bells

Posted by FH on 7/8/2014 to Finest Hardware
Whitehall offers a premier collection of designer garden bells to create an impressive appeal making your home look special. Simple addition of these bells to your garden makes your home boast about your taste and class. Whitehall is a must when you need to differentiate the class from the mass.

Top Knobs Tuscan Bronze Cabinet Knobs

Posted by FH on 7/7/2014 to Finest Hardware
Top Knobs offers a premier avenue to enjoy the best fidelity of the designer architecture with its unparalleled Tuscan Bronze Cabinet Knobs collection. These featured knobs add a perpetual appeal of impressive designing making your cabinetry a class apart from others. Enjoying the highest quality and the best the hardware industry has to offer is sensational with Top Knobs.

Duravit Vanity Units

Posted by FH on 7/4/2014 to Finest Hardware
Duravit AG is a premier manufacturer of the finest space management solutions. The vanity unit collection by Duravit has immense capacity to transform the washroom ambiance making it reflect a massively attractive lifestyle. The designer appeal and the finest space management of these vanity units is a class above all the conventional products ever available in the industry.

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